Confessions Of: Being A Sister

This life according to Lu, confessions of being a sister.
SCAN0014The Rules of Sisterhood.

1. I promise to always tell you if you look fat in those jeans.
Because let’s be honest, who else is going to? It’s because we share genes (yeah, the DNA variety, not the denim kind), we have an obligation.
SCAN0036 2. I will always have your back.
Even, especially, when I think you’re 100% wrong.
SCAN0023 3. “I will always have gum,” –Monica Gellar.
You say “babysitter,” your future kids (Eleanor, MiKelly) shall call me “favorite aunt,” I’m always on call, I promise. Even when it’s just to house-sit the dog.
IMG00219-20120520-0234 4. I promise to try to be an honorable maid.
I do not, however, promise to not drink multiple (countless?) glasses of wine and blackout during the bouquet toss and cry when you change your last name.
drei 5. I promise to accept your flaws.
As kids, any sign of weakness was used as ammunition for an argument, as adults, we are highly aware of each others’ imperfections, but as your sister I choose to accept them, ignore them and love you unconditionally, in spite of them.
IMG_0475 6. I promise to be the keeper of your secrets.
You know who I like telling secrets to? You. I promise you always have my word of total silence.
SCAN00167. I promise to only feel happiness regarding your accomplishments.
With you, it’s not a competition, there’s no jealousy, or resentment, just pure pride and joy because I know you’re capable of fulfilling all your dreams.

And as you do, Older Sister, I’ll be right behind you, following your lead; meanwhile, you, younger sister, I’ll be beside you, cheers-ing with a glass of wine in one hand and a cookie in the other.

We all have different dreams, remember? And comparison is the thief of joy—(Teddy Roosevelt).
IMG_1329 8. I promise to walk away when I get irritated.
Because it’s life and we do and I don’t want to say spiteful words I don’t mean.
three of us9. But I also promise to always, always come back.
10. I promise to be your sister.
To hold your hair back, answer your phone calls and eat too many slices of cake with you. To bitch about your exes and help straighten the back of your hair, to share recipes and fears and dream your dreams with you. To tell you when you’re being an ass and to apologize when I am. To not judge you when you eat 5,000 calories worth of chocolate, or if I catch you picking your nose in public, or Facebook stalking the competition. I promise to always love you –because I do. Because you’re my favorites and I’m on your side, your team, and because our friendship, our relationship, our bond and sisterhood—was my first dream.

waiting for us :)

waiting for us 🙂


Confessions Of: A Coffee Addict

This Life According To Lu, confessions of a coffee addict.
IMG_7093“For I have known them all already, known them all:—
Have known the evenings, mornings, afternoons,
I have measured out my life with coffee spoons;”
                                                              –T.S. Eliot

I have memories of my father peppering his to-go coffee cups with vanilla & cinnamon flakes, sneaking me–his six-year-old daughter–generous sips of the greatest drink invented by man…isn’t that a bold statement considering we also invented beer? (Don’t worry, I attribute the inception of wine to God).

My obsession for coffee was instant; no hesitation or internal questioning, no plaguing doubt, but rather pure love at first sight. I have London, Starbucks, and my good ol’ Dad to attribute my addiction to.

Starbucks in Thailand

Starbucks in Thailand

It’s the word associated to my mornings, capable of forcing me out of bed at the earliest of hours and my favorite aroma; even some of my favorite memories. I love how, in most cities, you can buy coffee at any hour, the way the taste varies in different countries and its availability on every menu.


Green smoothie & coffee breakfast–California

The way I feel about Keurig machines is similar to the way I feel about ebooks & Kindles. I will always prefer the antiquated pages of typed novel running through my fingers, the smell of fresh paper and the sound a page turning to an electronic book. I love the angry whistle and grinding a regular, cheap Mister Coffee pot makes when brewing my favorite habit, the return of a second, or third, or fourth cup.


Coffee Shop in Seoul, South Korea

It’s romantic. And the kind of cool I imagine smokers enjoy about cigarette’s–only without the added repercussion of lung cancer. It’s ubiquitous, calorie-less and the culprit behind my five mile runs; the second love of my life after chocolate. I’m a sucker for well-packaged coffee grinds and intricate location mugs and the pairings of bakery goods, for international coffee beans and flavored roasts, and horribly-tasting, yet glorious & limitless diner coffee.

Coffee Art

Coffee Art–The Strand–New York City

“What’s your favorite cup of coffee?”
A beautiful question that only true coffee drinkers can appreciate and understand. An answer that can fully acquaint you with a stranger and provide a connection, a moment of intimacy. A taste that can transport you to another memory.

Petit Cafe--coffee shop in Hong Kong

Petit Cafe–coffee shop in Hong Kong

Mine’s Christmas morning. When it’s actually acceptable to rise before the sun. The coffee pot remains endless. We drink from colorful, Christmasey mugs purchased in Germany at a Weihnacht’s Market. The unwrapping of presents presumes while coffee consumption occurs. And it smells like a hybrid of nutmeg, cinnamon and sugar cookies. It implies family. And a rare moment of absolutely zero stress, pure happiness–the promise of more coffee and a coffee-cake/scrambled eggs & bacon feast to follow.
unnamed-1There’s a coffee lingo, though the truest of coffee-addicts know “trenta” and “black” are the only words you need to know. Iced coffee, cream, sugar, latte’s, ‘iato’s and ‘cinno’s don’t qualify as a legitimate cup of coffee. And even though Starbucks isn’t my favorite, they are universal, and consistent.

It says tea, but those are totally coffee mugs.

It says tea, (so regal & snobby) but those are totally coffee mugs.

Now, some of my favorite moments include sitting with my mom, dad and younger sister with a freshly brewed pot of coffee, awaiting the sun rise and the promise of the day and another cup–chatting and enjoying each other’s company while stalling time–with memories of vanilla and cinnamon sprinkles, as though every sip was the first.

Bottoms up, fellow coffee-lovers, may the grinds be never in your cup! This is life according to Lu, a coffee addict.

Confessions of: A Fictional Ruler

This life according to Lu, confessions of a wanna-be-ruler. IMG_6887
“And for once a band of thieves in ripped up jeans got to rule the world”
my homegirl, T.Swift

That’s ME on the right…don’t I look responsible? Responsible enough to create my own ubiquitous rules? I vote yes. I like the world we live in now, really, I do. But if it were up to me, I would do things differently. Sure most of these things are beyond anyone’s control, but it’s my imaginary kingdom, and in it, fictional laws are up for grabs…think less Fascist & more Harry Potter inspired. And so, if I were Ruler-of-the-World, or a dreamed universe, this is what life would be:

10. Karma would exist. And happily ever afters.
Don’t you think that seems fair? I would reinstate Karmic revenge and deplete the world of unnecessary evil. And totally make people believe in organic love again.
9. I would create a hangover cure.
No, I don’t mean like a burger with a greasy egg atop it, or an unsuccessful water claiming to have Vitamins, and something much more potent than 2 capsules of advil and a cat nap. But an actual  reliever of all that debilitating hangovers imply. So, cheers, friends, bottoms up!

8. There would be segregated sidewalks for fast walkers.
BECAUSE PET PEEVE 101: your lazy stride is slowly killing me.

7. No one would have to wake up before 6 am. (Unless by choice, in which case, we can’t be friends)
Does this need further explanation? 5 am is just beyond too early to function. Period.
6. Humans could speak dog.
Because I just need to tell this sweet little face that I’ll be back in 30 minutes, or the Pizza Delivery Guy is our friend and you won’t like the taste of 2 cups of unsalted butter with the wrappers, I promise.

5. Ah, the 5-minute-flight.
Travel made easy. You’re welcome. Because who needs jet lag and a 16-hour cramped middle seat, stuck next to the guy who needed two chairs and brought aboard the sardine infused calzone (conveniently forgetting the TUMS)…

4. WORLD PEACE.  Yes. I want world peace. Yes, you can insert Miss Congeniality jokes here and yes, I’m all about Amy Grant’s Grown Up Christmas List. No, I don’t understand why humans can’t support other humans. We are the same breed after-all. Where is the love, people?!

3. Shoelaces would always be tied. I am absolutely, admittedly, the only almost-26-year-old to struggle with this endeavor. Yes, that task being one of shoe lace tying…the struggle is real, folks. And it’s totally avoidable! Commence the self-tying-shoe-laces!

2. Pimples would be banned from existence.  Because, really, without sounding like an existentialist: WHAT IS the purpose? They are functionless and disturbing and should be ostracized for their lack of use/fruitless place in the world. IMG_5481

1. Calories would not count. At the end of the day, I’d like to be greeted by a dozen cookies, a buffet of entree’s melted with cheese, and a plethora of peanut butter and chocolate spoons without the added guest of cellulite, extra poundage and rolls (unless they are homemade biscuits with butter&jam). Whose ultimate dream doesn’t consist of overindulgent stomach aches without the repercussions?  

I think we can all agree on this: the only thing that could possibly better my fictional creation would be if it began at platform nine and three quarters.

And now a world to imagine. If only this life could be according to fictional ruler Lu.