Confessions of A New Year!

Confessions of a New Year and 2015 resoLUtions:
2015                                            “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year,” -RWE

Serious question: how the heck is already 2015? 2014 seriously flew by.

My year in review: NYC, DC, NC, SC, HK, Cambodia, LA, MD,

I spent last new year’s in Manhattan, well technically in BBrooklyn at a Delta Spirit concert in a bowling alley, drinking micro brews. I had been living in NYC (move #13) and writing for a blog–walking 4 miles a day just to get to and from my office and falling asleep to the changing lights of the Empire State building, hiding from my roommate’s creepy cat, spending all my money on coffee and rent and running along the East River. I had an “entry” published in the New York Times Metropolitan Diary and at the time, I thoroughly loved the chaos of the city. Sometimes, now, I wonder how I survived, how I wasn’t swallowed by the sleepless city, but then again I think that’s the fun of it–just trying to stay afloat, an adrenaline junkies haven, total clusterfuck.

My summer began in Folly Beach with my family–drinking fat tires at loggerheads with my people, eating too many slices of pizza and running for hours along the sandy shore. I continued traveling, throughout Hong Kong and Cambodia–country #47, visiting Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Siem Reap, biking through the winding roads and drinking dollar beers with my dad on PubStreet, eating crocodile and hoping my stomach wouldn’t seek revenge on my foreign feasts, hiking Victoria Peak in HK and dodging bamboo snakes, drinking red wine with a dear friend and succumbing to salmonella and lactose intolerance. Ending the season with an 11-inch hair donation…my third ponytail to Pantene ProLengths!

And then, August 1, I began my new life in Maryland, move #14, where I’m pursing my MFA in fiction (whoo hoo for grad school) and working as a house mom, living with 31 dudes and surviving via the gym, red wine and CVS chocolate! Although I’m not one who frequently reflects I will say that I was happy to spend 2014 with my favorite people, ending an incredibly busy, but wonderful year in Chapel Hill, NC and New Orleans, LA with my lieblings and my cousins and my Molly of course. Also, I think I’ve almost perfected my chocolate chip cookie recipe (thanks Sally)…which is a lifelong goal. Also, I feel like my year can be summed up in a few words: travel, booze, family, exercise…sounds about right, eh?

And so begins 2015. And while I kind of hate resoLutions I also kind of appreciate them. And so…commence my resoLUtions for 2015:

1. drink more water. hydrate, hydrate, hydrate (without caffeine)
Lets be honest, I drink a shit-ton of coffee and coke zero…alternating a few of said beverage choices for water is necessary.

2. stay happy. always. always.
because damn it, life is too short.

3. travel to another country #48. (new continent: hello, South America, preferred)
i’m getting restless again! this. is. a. must. …ideas anyone?

4. read & write every day, no excuses.
because I love it. Even if it’s garbage, even if it’s not scholarly, or publish-worthy.

5. eat healthy & exercise daily. (see no excuses)
because it’s too important to me.

Ta da. Super boring…I know. but at least they are realistic.

This is life according to resLUtions Lu, in 2015 anyway.


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